Saturday, 31 August 2013


I finally went to Primark. I hadn't been in sooo long as I don't really have a local one, and I was so excited to go. I had to be quite restricted, because I could have easily spent £100+. But to be fair I didn't buy much at all.

Let's talk about my all-time favourite purchase ever. These shoes. These come from Primark, yes Primark. I don't actually know the proper name for this style of shoe, but I've wanted some like these forever. I was first going to splurge on the Doc Martin 1461 shoes, but these are pretty similar. The quality of these are absolutely brilliant, although I will be buying new laces as these are fairly rubbish/cheap ones. But hay ho, these were £12. Total bargain!

To go with the shoes, it was necessary for me to get more frilly socks. Of course Primark does that cheeky thing of putting all the socks in the queueing/checkout area, so when you're waiting to pay you just add to your basket. I ended up getting all the colours, but putting 4 pairs back after realising it was a bit excessive. But in the end got the cream, black/grey and the red. They're not superb quality, but they're not too bad and for £1.50 per pair, I won't complain!

I was walking around Primark and just was going past the 'work' section, when I spotted this polka dot crop top, I knew I had to get it. It's a shirt material and is so comfy. It's like wearing pyjamas. It's quite over sized, but not to the extent that you look like you're wearing a potato sack. I have the most perfect outfit idea... are you ready? This polka dot crop top, tucked into my joni jeans (which are rolled up at the bottom slightly), my black patent shoes (does anyone know what they're actually called?), then my red frilly socks. That shall be my outfit tomorrow.

Lastly from Primark just a plain white 'boyfriend tee', with rolled up sleeves! It was £3.50, so still super cheap but Primark's prices have defiantly gone up:( but I don't actually own a plain full length white tshirt. I have cropped ones, but I thought this one would just be perfect for those lazy days tucked into my joni jeans etc. I will be picking up another one of these though, as I really want to start doing more diy's!

Oh crepe. I found this tshirt pretty amusing, and considering I'm a huge crepe/pancake lover it had to be mine. It's so comfy, and once again looks so nice just 'effortlessly' tucked into some high-waisted jeans or leggings. I got mine in a small, but its still pretty over sized but I love they way it looks. It was £7.99 and I will be buying a lot more slogan t-shirts. I am currently eyeing up the one in H&M that says 'you can't sit with us' (mean girls all the way!).

If any of you have any good online shops which sell slogan tee's, please let me know in the comments!

 Well I'm off to enjoy the sun, and make the most of these last few days before school starts and revising starts. Lets just say I am not looking forward to it. If you didn't see my last post, I have got twitter now! Woo, so if you want more updates about blogging, and just more of me (who wouldnt??) be sure to follow me @thebeautycave99! Just to warn you though, I do tweet a lot...

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  1. Those shoes are GORGEOUS. I wonder if they'll rub your feet? I want a pair!


    1. Thank you, i'm in love! I hope not, so far they havent and they're the perfect fit. But I think it will also depend on the socks you wear with them, for me cheap socks + shoes will hurt my feet. So I may have to invest in some more topshop frilly socks as well!

      For £12, absolute bargain!xxx

  2. Great buys - I have a primark haul up on my blog now :) x

  3. I love the polka dot shirt :) I need to plan a Primark trip now! x

  4. I neeeed to visit Primark asap to get some of those shoes! i.n l.o.v.e!!!! <33

  5. love those shoes so much! &the polka dot shirt is stunning, saw an identical one in topshop yesterday for 32 pounds, you got an amazing bargain there!!xx