Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Live for the moment + giveaway winner!

I have had no inspiration at all recently. Bloggers block. I have all sorts of posts plans but me being my OCD self, I have written them in my diary to go up on different days, not yet. But forgot to schedule one/two  for this week, so here I am improvising!
Then after spending a frustrating half an hour, it clicked, photography. Sometimes I know my pictures aren't the best, due to time limits, current weather (as I use natural lighting), all sorts. But photography is a hobby of mine. I find it incredibly relaxing and the outcomes can be really rewarding.
Sometimes I use my dads DSLR, which will one day be mine... oh it will... but other days I just use my Fujifilm finepix S2970.
I'm going to start posting more pictures of my own, and writing a little daily 'this is what has happened today', but for this picture I thought I'd just introduce it!!
Any who as for my summer holiday so far, lets just say I have no social life. It's just me and my computer. But that's another story...
Finally the giveaway winner, I did a giveaway with Punky Princess and thought I'd offically announce the winner, the winner is....Amreena Roshon! I have emailed you, so if you could get back to me within the next two days I would be very grateful! Thanks to everyone that entered, this won't be the last giveaway so don't worry if you didn't win!!
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  1. Gorgeous photo! x