Monday, 26 August 2013



Tartan was something that when I was younger and  whenever someone mentioned my mind instantly thought of kilts, and just traditional dress. I never thought that one day I would be in love with wearing tartan as a fashion statement.

When flicking through various fashion mags, a reoccurring trend kept appearing, tartan. Some people look at tartan and just think 'too scary', because it is quite a statement. For instance wearing those trousers (shown in the image above), those incredible trousers will get looks when you're walking around town, because they're 1) fab and 2)different.
What I love about the fashion industry is that they take traditional clothing, or very unique styles and turn it into something incredible which is wearable for all ages, sizes and general styles.
Tartan can be worn in so many different ways. For example take the Topshop top, tuck it into some disco pants or black high waisted jeans, chuck on some doc martins or black creepers, a statement gold necklace and voila.
Oh and I mustn't forget the shoes. Oh no. Look at those doc martins. Oh jee wizz. They have included the whole grunge studded trend from last autumn (which has still continued), and then added tartan. Oh my goody gum drops. These would be such an incredible statement. I think I'm beginning to get way too excited about shoes.
Those creepers, wow. I don't actually own any, when they became a big trend I didn't overly like them but the more I look at them and see how people style them, I completely know why people love them. Much like the doc's these include the two trends (studs and tartan), and these would be perfect in the autumn/winter.
Whether its a shirt or trousers or a scarf, I think tartan is the perfect autumn/winter trend, in cooperating the typical colours you associate with those seasons and just generally being 'superb' (I couldn't think of a word!!) ahah!

I've spent today just chilling around the house, we went out for a bit then went to a small local pub and sat in the garden having a few drinks (non-alcoholic, don't panic) and playing cards! Especially enjoying this odd heatwave, but now I have the dreaded thought of going back to school. No no no, here comes the dreaded revising and not being able to have a social life! But most importantly I just want autumn and winter to hurry up, just imagining those nights curled up by a fire with a hot chocolate, what's not appealing about that??!

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  1. I'm in love with this trend, I literally can't wait for autumn! X

  2. Tartan is quite a scary trend, think it is the red! I will be wearing this but one piece at a time. Gorgeous selections, I love the dress and the top!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers