Monday, 30 September 2013

Autumn/winter wishlist!


Tartan Skirt//Leather Jacket//Burgundy jumper//Khaki jeggings//Homies beanie//Burgundy/Brown cut out boots//

Autumn is officially here, and its fair to say I'm loving it. At the moment its that perfect in between seasons weather where you can wrap up cosy without feeling like you might overheat. Perfect. I've been saying bye bye to the shorts and crop tops and hello to the jumpers and boots. Of course when a new season comes, that means 2 things, new trends and new clothes. What a great excuse for a wish list, and a shopping spree to follow!

Tartan Midi Skirt

This is £8, yes you did not misread that. Eight pounds. £8.00. Tartan is a must-have this season and with this midi skirt you can dress it up or down. I would wear this with some ankle boots, or Doc Martens and a white tee or something along those lines. This would be perfect for autumn winter, I just need it in my wardrobe.

Leather Jacket

It seems like everyone has got one apart from me. I can sense the the moment when I get one, every other jacket/parka/hoodie I own would be severely neglected. I have been eyeing up quite a few for a while but with them always being £25+ they're a bit of an investment. But I think I will cave in the next week or so. I love love love the ones from Topshop, but I may try and find one cheaper. Any recommendations?

Burgundy Jumper

On a cold autumn day to snuggle up in this would be lovely. I love the colours, like everything on this wish list they're very autumnal colours. This beautiful jumper belongs in my wardrobe.

Khaki jeggings

If you've read my blog for a long time now you'll know that I'm not a big fan of jeans, I have one pair from Topshop (joni jeans) but they're the only ones I will wear. Other jeans just irritate my skin. So jeggings are perfect for me, and once again a very autumnal colour. These were £10, yes just £10. I will be searching high and low for these in my local river island!

Homies Beanie

Aaaa, I always wanted one of those tops with 'homies' on the front, but I've fallen in love with the beanie version. I am a lover of beanies, I love the style, the way the look on and how they can cover up any bad hair day.  What's not to love about this one? I need this on my head asap.

Burgundy/brown cut out boots.

Wow. These are I think either £35 or £45 either way a bargain (from Ark). The colour is incredible, as its not your typical brown or black, I'm in love. The height of the heel isn't too big, the cut outs aren't too small or over-sized, I'm in love. Maybe these will sneak into my shoe cupboard...

If you can't tell already I'm a sucker for autumn/winter colours so anything that colour I immediately love. I also love the fashion trends this year, so my bank account hates me at the moment. I currently have the tartan midi skirts in my 'basket', should I get it?  Tell me what you think!? Hope you've enjoyed this wish list, I am off to do numerous pieces of homework, wish me luck aha!

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Friday, 27 September 2013


Top - Etsy shop
Trousers/thick leggings - Topshop
Frilly socks - Primark
Shoes - My gorgeous Doc Martens

After months of searching high and low for this top, I found it. Ever since I saw a almost identical crop top on a YouTube haul  I have wanted it forever. The original one came from Brandy Melvile so I couldn't get it without going to London or spending £100+ on there website (easy enough, but I'm not that rich!). So when I came across this on etsy it had to be mine, it was around £7.99 and the delivery was about £2. So around £10, BARGAIN.

Of course my much loved topshop legging/trousers were a must and my Doc Martens! But anyway today I have spent just being lazy and doing so much homework. Art coursework has offically taken over my life, goodbye my non-existant social life! Hello art brushes and sketch books. The only thing that has kept me going is endless music, full volume of course!

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Thursday, 19 September 2013


Shirt - River Island
Thick Leggings - Sainsburys (I think!)
Shoes - Primark
Bow - Prarie Charms

 I thought today I'd do a little autumn/winter ootd, apart from I didn't actually wear this today as I have school. But I will be on weekends etc, and I think its perfect for autumn/winter. Obviously when it gets really cold, add a big cardigan or loose jumper (still showing the collar and bow though!) and you'll be good to go!
I chose to wear this shirt which kind of looks like denim, but its not! I just tied it into a knot at the front instead of buttoning it all the way down! I then added this gorgeous bow from Prarie Charms, which is actually a hair bow! I attached it t the top of the shirt for a 'girly bow tie'! I thought it look super cute and it reminded me of those stereotypical 'geeky' outfits you see in cartoons! That made no sense...

Saturday, 14 September 2013

How to wear a bow!

Rachael Hair Bow - Approximatley £6.50/$10
So I was recently contacted by Prairie Charms who were wondering whether I'd be interested in joining there 'Project Blogger'. I instantly said yes because I was already a huge fan of there brand. They offered me a 50% discount, and I was completly overwhelmed with the choices. In the end I chose this gorgeous 'dolly' pink bow with white polka dots. I think its pefect!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Dream fresh BB - normal vs oily

It seems like forever since I've wrote a beauty post, because lately I've been writing a lot more fashion posts! But fear not beauty lovers, I have a review for you today!
It's going to be about the much loved Maybelline Dream Fresh BB and I'm going to compare the normal and the oily one.
Starting off with the packaging...It's very sleek, its a nice size (not too big, not too small!). The only  differences between the two are one is matte and one has a glossy finish, and one is blue and the other one pink. The blue tube which is matte is the BB cream for oily skin, and the glossy pink tube is for normal skin.

Now lets move onto the actual product, which is what most of you want to know. I have had the normal BB cream for a long time now, and the consistency of it is quite runny. But when comparing it to other peoples, or seeing the in YouTube videos theres is always a thicker consistency. So I may have just picked up a dodgy one. But the actual product is really good. I had a love/hate relationship with this for months, but I've come to the conclusion that I love it. It covers everything you want it to, yet lets your skin breathes and defiantly doesn't look like you've put orange thick paint all over your face...score aha! It didn't keep my skin matte all day, and I would HAVE to apply powder. But due to the fact that I do have oily skin that was no surprise. But the overall finish was nice, and defiantly a product worth having.

The BB cream for oily skin didn't disappoint either. Just like the normal BB cream, it had good coverage, let your skin breathe etc. It also didn't disappear during the day and rub off. Sometimes I find foundations/BB creams can slide around on your face or fade and loose there coverage but not this one. It stayed all day, and kept my face more matte then the normal one (hence why it's for oily skin!!). Once again I did apply powder, and my face did get a little bit shiny but I wasn't looking like a disco ball, which is always a bonus.

To sum it all up, they're both great BB creams. I would defiantly recommend them and they're only around  £7.99, so they're defiantly worth it. Just pick the one that suits your skin more, don't think 'oo I sometimes have oily skin, but usually normal' if you're like that pick the oily skin one. It's not going to damage your skin if you pick up the wrong one, but it would be more beneficial to pick up the right one.

If I had to pick one, for myself it would be the oily skin version of the BB cream. I find it works a lot better on my skin, but both are great!

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Thursday, 5 September 2013


White t-shirt - Primark!
High waisted shorts - Henry Holland
Tassel bag - New Look
Shoes - Primark
Gold triangle statement necklace - Topshop
Today has been ridiculously hot, so far today it reached 31 degrees. I went out for the morning with my Grandma and Grandad, then just caught up with some blogging and just chilled.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Holiday: French markets and shopping

This summer I headed to France for a two week holiday with just my family. We spent it lounging around the pool, visiting a few museums and obviously I persuaded my family to a bit of shopping!

Sunday, 1 September 2013


Everything Primark!!
Another OOTD, I'm getting into the swing of these. Everything I'm wearing is from Primark, surprise suprise! I had had had to include these shoes in a OOTD. They're perfect. I paired them with this playsuit, and I think it looks pretty cute in my opinion.