Tuesday, 3 September 2013

My Holiday: French markets and shopping

This summer I headed to France for a two week holiday with just my family. We spent it lounging around the pool, visiting a few museums and obviously I persuaded my family to a bit of shopping!

If you've ever been to France you'll know that they're quite a few markets, ranging in size and what they sell etc. We went to a fair few and I managed to take quite a few pictures, most of them had similar stalls. Like the typical fruit stalls, fishes, crepes etc but one we went to one which had all these hats, belts, bags and cute buttons. If you like to do crafts and make your own clothes etc, that would've been heaven for you!

We also did some 'proper' shopping, and I went to Sephora. When I saw it I literally ran *social suicide*, it was heaven, every single makeup brand you could ever want in one place. I won't go on about it, otherwise I'll get far too excited but it was lovely. But I must say the shops over there are pretty good, and I just wish I took more euros!:(

I won't talk about the shopping experience and different styles over there because that's going to be in my 'Worldwide fashion' series! Which will be coming up very soon!

I have realised that I haven't seen any friends from school since the first week of the holidays, that's how anti-social I am! I am dreading going back to school, like I said in my last post. But I have missed the structure, and knowing that I have to be somewhere at a specific time, is that just me?

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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time! I know what you mean about structure, it will be nice to have a routine again! X


  2. Aw I'm so jealous I've always wanted to go to France!!! The markets look amazing, Looks like you had a fabulous time xx


  3. This looks so awesome. Shopping in another country is the best :)

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