Thursday, 19 September 2013


Shirt - River Island
Thick Leggings - Sainsburys (I think!)
Shoes - Primark
Bow - Prarie Charms

 I thought today I'd do a little autumn/winter ootd, apart from I didn't actually wear this today as I have school. But I will be on weekends etc, and I think its perfect for autumn/winter. Obviously when it gets really cold, add a big cardigan or loose jumper (still showing the collar and bow though!) and you'll be good to go!
I chose to wear this shirt which kind of looks like denim, but its not! I just tied it into a knot at the front instead of buttoning it all the way down! I then added this gorgeous bow from Prarie Charms, which is actually a hair bow! I attached it t the top of the shirt for a 'girly bow tie'! I thought it look super cute and it reminded me of those stereotypical 'geeky' outfits you see in cartoons! That made no sense...

I chucked on these thick leggings because they're so comfy and you can easily move about in them. Of course no outfit would be complete without Primark, and these shoes are beautiful. They make any outfit look amazing and are so comfortable and easy to walk in. So far theres no rubbing, so thats a plus *touch wood*!

At the moment I have spent most nights doing homework, and by the time I've done its dark! Oh, blogger problems! I shall figure out some way of doing it, whether its waking up at the crack of dawn to take pictures (blogger dedication right there!). Schools alright, but these early mornings are getting the better of me... bring on the weekend. Lie in's...aaaaa.

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