Sunday, 1 September 2013


Everything Primark!!
Another OOTD, I'm getting into the swing of these. Everything I'm wearing is from Primark, surprise suprise! I had had had to include these shoes in a OOTD. They're perfect. I paired them with this playsuit, and I think it looks pretty cute in my opinion.

I did have some shots with me wearing a big over sized cream cardigan, which looked really nice as well but they weren't that 'useable' so I stuck with these pictures. I also had some with me wearing a festival green coat, which also looked really nice but they didn't work when coming to edit them. eurgh!

Any way, today's been spent just chilling and been doing some errands out and about. Now I'm just dreading the 's' word... school. The itchy school uniform, endless studying, no social life, homework overload. That all starts again. But for some odd reason I love the whole part of packing my school bag with all the new stationary and seeing the clean bag. If I compared it at the end of the year you would've most likely thought that its been through every single natural disaster possible, and been covered in mud and other unknown substances. The more I write this the more I realise how much I hate school, I should go now ahah!
Good luck to everyone at school, especially if you're starting a new school, sixth form, uni etc...

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  1. Oh you're right those shoes are lovely. The playsuit is gorgeous too.

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. Can't believe that is all from Primark. I can never find anything in there, can you be my personal shopper please?! Haha.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. ahaha, I know!I was about to do the whole 'caption what im wearing, where its from' thing, and was like 'whoa, everything from primark!'!
      Yeah sure ahaha, lets go!
      I love your blog by the way, its perfect!

      Ellie xx