Monday, 28 October 2013

Favourite blogs!

When thinking of what to post I suddenly thought about sharing my favourite blogs with you. These are just four of them, because theres about 10+ but thought I'd include my absolute favourites!

This is by far one of the most beautiful well-written blogs I have ever read/seen. Lucy has amazing style, it's quirky and unique yet she finds incredible ways to incorporate the best trends into her outfits. As well as updating us with bits and bobs of her life, but she mainly does style posts. If you're looking for a new fashion blog to read and adore, this is the one for you. I'm also baffled by the fact she hasn't got 500+  followers, her style and blog is just perfect!
Aaa, another beautiful fashion blog which makes your fashion wish list grow 10 times more. Everything thing Laura wears is just to dye for. Her outfits are unique and always on trend but with a twist which just makes you adore her and her outfits even more. Her writing style is amazing and so clear, and her personality just comes across so lovely. Once again if you're looking for another fashion blog, Laura's blog is wonderful!
What can I say? Another fashion blog... I love fashion blogs,  and I'm just nosy in general so seeing what people are wearing is just perfect ahah! Ellie has a gorgeous blog, she has the most classic style and can pull off whatever she wants. Her photo's are always clear and beautiful and always sleek and professional. She seems so genuine and all of her outfits and posts are just lovely to read. She's one of those bloggers who you see on your 'new reads/dashboard' and you get all excited to read her new post. Also she has a great name, aha!!
 Celine has a beauty/fashion/photography/lifestyle blog, and all I can say is that I'll never get tired of reading her posts. They're informative, clear yet with tons of personality and humour. You can tell she puts a lot of effort and time into each and every post. Her layout is gorgeous as well, everything I could ever ask for in a blog! Defiantly go and have a read and give her blog some love as it's fab!

It makes me feel all happy doing these sort of posts! I personally love finding new blogs and reading about different ones, I also think it's nice to tell people that you love there blog or feature them. After all we're a community, so why not share the love more often?
Autumn/winter has arrived, and I'm loving it. The heatings on, hot drinks, snugly blankets, films, aaaaaa. Oh, and then theres school that gets in the way of those happy thoughts, and you're actually sitting there in your school uniform doing homework till gone midnight. Fun, fun, fun...
Let me know your favourite blogs!

Comment, follow and all that jazz!

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