Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My autumn fashion accessories!

I love autumn fashion, who doesn't? The boots, snugly coats, jumpers. aaaa, just the thought of it makes me all happy. I also love the fashion 'accessories' you get in autumn. So i thought I'd share with you my favourites!

Doc Martens. Do I have to say anything else? The most comfortable shoes you will ever put your feet into, it's like walking on clouds. They're perfect for autumn/winter because they keep your feet so warm and dry, they will last for years and they just making any outfit look fab-u-lous *in a Craig Revele Horwood voice*

Beanies, aaa the love of my life. These are like a saviour on those bad hair days, when you just need to cover up that thing on your head called hair. I love beanies, I think they're so cute and you can get so many different styles of them. Theres one to suit you out there somewhere...Once you find it, you'll be best friends. To make it better this is one of Primark men's for £3. Yes, £3.

Look at these, oh wow. Cute socks. Oh my. When you see frilly socks peeping out over the top of boots, it just looks so cute. I love socks to be fair, but much like bobby pins my carpet likes to eat my socks as well so I'm constantly buying them. Does anyone else have this problem of a hungry carpet?

My tartan (ish) scarf is my pride and joy. I found it in the bottom of my dads wardrobe about a year ago and I kept it because I loved it, and now tartans all over the catwalks and is a major trend, this is perfect. It keeps me warm and is just the perfect length. But in general I just love any scarf/snood, who wants a cold neck anyway!?

How come in every post I seem to ramble on? I need to make a word limit on each post. Oh well.. Anyway I've got back into excising after taking a 'break' for a month *slaps wrist*. I'm attempting to do the Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge, and doing Blogilates. If you haven't checked out Blogilaties, it's a YouTube channel with ton's of amazing exercise videos by a women called Cassey. She's makes you so motivated and her video's will sort any part of your body out you don't like. You name it, She's done a video to slim 'it' down. I'm off to have a sneaky look on the Forever 21 website...

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