Saturday, 26 October 2013

My Beautiful Coltrane Dupes

Coltrane Dupes (New Look) - £29.99
These are just perfect. That's all I have to say. I have been lusting after some Coltrane dupes for the longest time it seems,  because somehow I wasn't going to spend £114 on a pair of shoes. Then I found these on Lucy's blog and my heart stopped momentarily...

And within 10 minutes my order had been placed. So one day last week I came home from school to see these beautiful creatures sitting on my kitchen floor.
Lets get into the actual details of the shoes now (note to self: stop rambling). The heel height is perfect as it's not too big but not too small, you can easily walk in them and I must say they're almost as comfy as my Doc's. Shock horror.
The buckles are a shiny gold, and I personally love buckles so it was a win win situation as they're pretty big. The only down side is that they're a bit stiff but oh well, they'll loosen up I'm sure.
They're really good quality and very sturdy. Just the perfect shoes really.
I wore them the other day with some thick khaki legging and over sized tee and frilly socks and it was perfecto in my opinion. They added that little bit of edginess, yet without being too 'woa, look at her and her cray cray shoes'. I shall be living in these. That's all I can say.

HALF TERM IS HERE. A week off, just the thought of it makes me smile ridiculous amounts. No getting up at 7am and chucking on my boring itchy uniform. I'll actually have time to take nice OOTD pictures. Plus halloween, oh yes, the one day/night were its actually acceptable to eat stupid amounts of sweets. But of course no half term is complete without the teachers giving you 2000 pieces of homework, so I've got tons of homework... but I can do that next Sunday...What have you got planned for the hols?

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  1. Oh my goodness these are gorgeous! x


  2. I love these shoes I want them for christmas

  3. I love your blog and these shoes are gorgeous! - Followed :) x