Thursday, 28 November 2013

Docs & Socks

Where the socks are from (R-L):
Elle Macpherson 'gift set'
All the rest topshop.
 Recently I have been neglecting my Doc Martens a little bit due to the 'not so new' addition of my Coltrane dupes, but I still have been wearing them a lot! As I do have an overflowing sock draw, I love love love looove to pair my Docs with different socks and make them look a bit different, therefore that's what I've been doing recently!
Here are a few of my fave's! Some of my favourites are in the wash but I'll feature them in another post! I feel like wearing socks which 'poke' out a bit, is a great way to make it look a little bit more edgy/girly/quirky depending on your outfit/sock choice!. My personal favourite would be the festive pair (top left), they're my 'go to' pair!

How crazy is it that we're only a few days away from December? It felt like 2 seconds ago I was saying 'summer is now over', and now we're in 'full on' winter! But the fact that its virtually December excites me a lot, Christmas is my favourite holiday by far. The smells, the way everything looks, decorations, the whole layering outfit thaaang. Of course the whole eating lots of chocolate on Christmas day and remembering why we're actually celebrating Christmas. I just love it. Apart from the fact that all the exams/tests start popping up, and I'm spending literally everyday revising for some sort of test, or finishing coursework. Fun, fun, fun...

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  1. Ah, I know how you feel - i seem to be wearing my doc shoes more than my beloved boots! Very helpful though - never know how to wear socks with them!