Sunday, 3 November 2013

Halfterm Haul!

Half term is over *goes and cries in a corner* sadly, therefore school starts tomorrow and the endless art coursework piles in and revision...can't wait. But this half term I did a little bit of shopping, so thought I'd show you the few items/products I got.
Firstly, I apologise for the image quality its not great but at 7pm I had to take them and some went better than others (although the boot picture was taken a different day). *bad blogger over here*

Stop rambling Ellie and get on. Right, if you've been reading my blog for a long time now you'll know that I don't have a local Primark so when I go I usually buy everything in sight. But it was too crowded and just not nice the day I went so I only picked up 2 things. The cardigan I brought was £10 and is literally the warmest piece of clothing I've ever owned. It's like a 'coat-a-gan' really. I've been looking for an oversized cream knit cardigan forever so when I saw this one it was coming home with me whatever. Then of course frilly socks are just a must, and for £1.50 you can't complain!

I popped into H&M also and repurchased my beloved cream cropped jumper which I seem to wear all the time. It goes with everything and is so comfy but it's got to the stage were it's gone all bobbly and not very nice. So I picked up another one, plus it was in there 'half term deal' section so it was only £5. Bargain!

I know I wrote a whole post about these beautiful boots but they're still new in my eyes so thought I'd include them in the haul. They're so comfy you might as well be walking in marshmallows, and they look puurrfect. I have had so many compliments from strangers when I'm in town asking where they're from and how nice they look. They were £29.99 but I had a few gift cards so I think I got them for around £15?!

You may be wondering what that little pot is, but it is filled with a beautiful substance (aka a sample of the Urban Decay Naked Foundation). I have been dying to try this foundation out so I popped into my local Debenhams and asked for a sample! So far I love it, although I think when I eventually cave and buy the full size I may try out a slightly darker shade as it is a little bit pale.

Satin Taupe eyeshadow from Mac has been on my want/wish list since I saw so many youtubers/bloggers raving about it. Once again being a sheep *baaa* I followed the crowd and brought it. It's absolutely gorgeous though. Worth every single pound in my opinion. It was £10, and I think they're around £12.50 in the pot. I brought it in the pan formation as I'm going to be buying a Mac Pro Palette X15 asap! I'm rather excited if I'm honest!

I was browsing River Island sale section when this shirt caught my attention, firstly the colours just say autumn/winter in my opinion and its so thick and warm.  It is really long and big on me but when I rolled the sleeves up and tied it at the front and it looked really nice, especially with my Joni jeans and 'Coltrane' boots. This may be my new favourite it was £10 in the sale.

That's my haul for today, not huge but I'm trying to not spend as much and calm my shopping addiction. Although I am thinking of making a cheeky order on ELF as I can't resist there many offers at the moment. Anyway I have had so much homework to do today because once again I leave everything to the last moment. The weathers been a bit odd this week so taking OOTD pictures is a little bit tricky in the rain and hurricane like winds aha! But I'm planning on taking some tomorrow, don't worry there will be an ootd post very soon! Hope your first week back at school/work goes wonderful!

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  1. The boots really are gorgeous :) + I want to start a Mac pallet so badly! X

  2. That little cardigan looks lovely! And I love those boots as well!


  3. Those boots are so lovely! Love everything you've bought!x

    Lauren Evie