Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tips on being an organised blogger!

We've all had those moments of 'aaa I should have a post going up today, but it's too late/dark to take pictures' or 'I have no clue what to post' so hopefully these tips will help you!

1 - Fashion/beauty books and magazines are your best friend!
I own a fair few fashion and beauty books and they're so helpful as well as easy to read. The teen vogue handbook is my all time favourite, it's great when you're stuck for a post idea, you can have a look through and it gives you a lot of fashion outfit inspiration, as well as general help! It also has a super cute layout. If you're a beauty addict/blogger this book (1001 beauty miracles) WILL be your best friend. It has soo many tips, some I've never ever heard of, and is super usefull! 
Magazines are also great, so don't throw them any away! No matter how old they are, keep them. They're great for outfit post ideas and getting the latest gossip on what's happening in the industry. Which definitely comes in handy when wanting to write a 'trend inspired' post!

2 - Keep a notebook with you 24/7!
I own faaaaar too many notebooks, as I am a bit of a stationary freak but... I can't even stress how useful they are. I often get blog post ideas in the most random of places, therefore if I've got a notebook handy I can jot it down and I won't forget it! I also do drafts in the back for when I don't have access to the computer. Then when I do have the chance to write it on the computer, I can just simply type it up and it'll take me half the time! I also have a schedule in the front of my notebook, at the end of each month I draw out a table for the next month and fill it in with post ideas, dates, and at the end three columns saying: photos, draft, published. So I can tick them off once I've done the photos, a drafted post and when I've published it! This way I can keep on top of it all!

3 - School comes first
Sorry to sadden the mood a little now but yes school does come first. Getting good grades will get you a lot further in life than scrolling through your twitter feed, the truth hurts. If you've got a lot of homework, set yourself a time limit. Say 'okay in half an hour I will have a ten minute break', then you can work hard without having the distraction of your phone by the side of you, as you'll know in a few minutes you'll have a break. Also set a bigger time limit (this applies mainly to revision) say 2 hours (with breaks of course), then after you've finished have say an hour of blogging. Balance your time, because although school will always come first you don't want to neglect your blog!

4 - Have your camera with you at all possible times
I always have those moments where I wish I brought my camera, but when I go out I now try really hard to remember to bring my camera. This way you can capture a lot of memories, and take pictures for your blog with good quality (if its in the day time)! Also if you're a fashion blogger it's great if you have your camera to snap up some OOTD pictures! Plus having different 'backgrounds' is a great way to keep your readers on their toes, and makes your pictures look a bit different. I'm still working on this one!!

5 - Try and stick to a schedule
If you've made a schedule try your best to keep up with it! If you know you have a bit of spare time on your hands, use it wisely and write a draft post or take some pictures! It's always best to be prepared!

6 - Bulk photographing sessions
Everyone know's about this tip, its a bit obvious but if you've got a lot of spare time one day take a lot of pictures for future posts. This will be really useful when you need to post but don't have enough time to take pictures!

Wow, I feel like I have rambled on a lot once again! These are just some of my tips that I personally use, I hope you find them helpful! Let me know if you did!
Schools a little bit cray cray  busy at the moment, I have a lot of tests coming up and art coursework is filling up most of my time, but I am trying my best to keep up with blogging! I have an OOTD coming up soon, and a veeerrry exciting post about my new favourite online shop! Have any of you guys been watching 'I'm a celeb'? I have been and like the majority of people I love it, but if I'm honest Joey Essex is kind of annoying me a tad bit. How can you not know how to blow your own nose, or tell the time?! It baffles me... But anyway, that eating challenge the other night...eurgh... all I can say is that I would never do that!
 I've rambled on far too much, oh deary me!

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  1. this post is soooo helpful, such good ideas! I'm defiantly intrigued by the Vogue handbook and beauty miracle book!

    Harriet x -