Monday, 30 December 2013


Howdyy, today I thought I'd treat you to a little notd, is that what they're called? I really should have done some research on these types of posts...
I'm one of those people who like nail polish but am too impatient to sit and wait for them to dry, then I chip them within an hour. Therefore I rarely paint my nails. But with seeing so many pictures over twitter of festive nails and nail art I thought I'd give it a whirl. This was the outcome, they're not award-winning but who doesn't love a bit of glitter? At first I thought about doing some jazzy nail art and do a rudolph onto
each nail, but then I restrained myself due to the fact it would look like a three year old could of done it better with a blindfold on. So I stuck with the classic block colour then a bit of glitter! I used 2 nail polishes from Topshop which I don't know the name of as they came in a set, but they're gorgeous!

I'm in a bit of a rambly mood, I haven't blogged for what seems like ages. I've been away (therefore had the gorgeous Celine guest post for me, which was fabulous) with my family, and just been spending a lot of time with my family and friends which is what Christmas is all about! I have some very exciting news also, I will be redecorating my room (finally) in the next few weeks. Painting, new sheets/curtains/pillows, ornaments, the whole works. So expect some decor posts and inspiration posts, maybe even a room tour... I'm ridiculously excited to have a bedroom that won't have half the paint peeling off (I made a stupid mistake of covering all my walls in magazines, then taking them all down which ripped most of the paint off!). I cannot wait. I'm currently spending my life on Pinterest looking for ideas! In other news I will have my 'what I got for Christmas' post going up some time this week, I'm sorry it'll be a bit late but hayho better late than never!

I apologise for rambling on, I have a tendency to do that quite a bit.

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Are you any good at nail art? painting nails? or are you just impatient and lazy like me?

Friday, 27 December 2013

Guest Post: The Top 5 Of 2013

Hello to all of the lovely Ellie's beautiful followers. I am Celine from Vintage Teapot and when Ellie asked me if i would like to guest post for her while she was in France, i was more than happy to do so. Today I am going to share my top 5 beauty products of 2013. 2013 has saw the release of many different hyped products in the beauty world, and many products which i absolutely adore.
First up is the Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow in Mocha Latte. The brown shade is what i use to fill in my eyebrows on a daily basis. As i have very dark hair, this shade is perfect. It gives my eyebrows so much more definition, and lasts all day long. Its also super compact especially for travelling, with the perfect two shades for an everyday eye. Its definitely one for your makeup bag!
The Rimmel Apocalips took the blogging world by storm this year, and since jumping on the bandwagon Celestial has been my most reached for lip colour. A gorgeous neutral, your lips but better pink shade it is perfect for everyday use for a natural look. The long lasting formula also is a bonus factor.
2013 was the year i delved into the Crown Brush hype and also the contouring world. Even though this brush looks quite big for contouring, the pointed dome means it fits perfectly into the cheek bone area, and helps to give even my- bone structure lacking -face that bit more shape.
There are no words to describe my all time favourite holy grail mascara - Loreal Volume Million Lashes. The wand, the formula, and the curl they give to my lashes is just indescribable. I love this mascara a ridiculous amounts, so much that if i could marry a mascara this would be the one. Bit too extreme? Nope don't think so!
Finally, this lazy girl skincare savior was to be without a doubt included in my top 5 of 2013. The L'Oreal Micellar Solution is definitely one of the best makeup removers i have ever tried. A liittle of this on a cotton pad is the perfect way to remove your makeup when you are too tired after a night out to carry out your fuull skin care routine, or you can use to double cleanse your face.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and i hope Ellie is having a fab time and I am sure she will be back with more amazing posts ASAP!

Celine x

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Holy grail products for 2013!

It feels like forever since I've wrote a beauty post, well it has been a while... so we shall see how good my adjectives are when describing products. Brace yourself.
I didn't know whether it was a little bit too early to post this (as it's not quite the end of the year) but oh well! Instead of doing a December favourites I just thought I will pick 5 of my holy grail products for this year.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
This palette though. It's perfect. You have probably heard every single beauty blogger rave about the Naked Palettes, sorry. But... everything is marvellous about them. The pigmentation is ridiculous, they last all day (literally), they have a huge range of neutral shades. Some palettes have the same matte browny shades, but not this palette. It has 3 mattes (I do wish there were more matte shades...), the rest of the shades have shimmer in. I could sit here and write 1000 word essay on why you should buy this but I won't bore you. 

Collection Sheer Loose Powder 
You never really here Collection get much attention apart from the famous 'lasting perfection concealer'. But when looking for a new loose powder a few months ago I picked this up in a rush and have loved it ever since. I didn't think I was going to love it that much, but oh boy this is good stuff. If you have really oily skin, I suggest you run to boots jump in your car and go to Boots and buy this. I have never used a powder which keeps my skin so matte. This powder beats my Mac Blot Power, and that's something.

Maybelline The Falsies
I must have repurchased this 5 times, at least. This is my all-time favourite mascara. It adds incredible amounts of length and volume, and makes your eyes pop. If you haven't tried this mascara, you need to. Otherwise your eyelashes may cry you're missing out!

Maybelline BB Cream (for oily skin)
I have gone through so many tubes of the  Maybelline BB creame for normal skin, so when they came out with the one for oily skin, I was ridiculously happy. Having oily skin is the most annoying thing in the world, and this BB cream helps keep my face matte for a great amount of time. I will never find a foundation/BB cream that keeps my face matte ALL day, but this one comes pretty close! It gives a smooth, gorgeous finish and evens out all my stupid redness. Defiantly give this a try, if you're looking for a new BB cream/light foundation!

Real Technique Expert Face Brush
This brush is the just the perfect face brush. It blends in your foundation so easily and smoothly. It's the perfect density and well every blogger and their mum has this brush. Therefore I'm sure you've heard someone rave about this brush before.

Woah, that was a long post. Well feels like it to me because I've been dipping between writing this, twitter and vlogmas. Vlogmas is the reason my grades go down in the Christmas 'period', well that's what I'll blame it on anyway...
This weekend I have been spending a lot of time with the famala and being all festive. I also have a few packages arriving soon, so expect a haul at some point. Oh, and just in case you think I've been abducted by aliens in 2 weeks I will be going on vacation (only for a week)! Therefore I will not be appearing on your twitter feed or dashboard as much as I would like! But I'm planning on still posting one post throughout that week! Don't panic!
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend, and if you're still at school (like me) enjoy your last week!

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Sunday, 8 December 2013


Pinafore - Ebay
Shirt/top - Primark mens
Knee high socks - River Island
Boots - Ebay
Bag - Primark

I know I've shown the knee high sock and coltrane combo before, please don't shoot me! But I wanted to share this outfit with you! Sorry for the quality/lighting in the pictures, that's what you get when you leave it till the suns setting to take blog pictures. Stupid Ellie!
This outfit is so comfortable, yet still looks like you've made an effort! I chucked on this pinafore which I found lurking at the bottom of my wardrobe from summer, and added this shirt to make it a little less girly. Don't get me wrong I love being girly, I have just been loving being a bit edgy and stepping out of my comfort zone recently! I then added my favourite knee high socks and my gorgeous boots! Voila, a decent outfit.

Today I have just been doing some errands and chilling, I also decorated the house for Christmas. Which if you follow me on twitter (which you defiantly should @thebeautycave99), you will know that decorating the house/tree is my favourite part of Christmas.
After today I was/am feeling rather festive, so when my friend Celine offered to help me out snow falling onto my blog I jumped at the chance. I think it looks incredibly festive, and I hope you guys like it!

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Thursday, 5 December 2013


It feels like forever since I've sat down and just had a little ramble and chat to all of you lovely people. Today's post is going to be a little bit more 'rambly' than usual (if that's possible). It's going to be about all the things I want to achieve/do in winter!

1 - Go for a cold walk/run on the beach
No matter what time of the year it is, I find the beach magical. I find the beach a very inspiration place, it gives me loads of inspiration and I can just sit there and people watch FOREVER. I am incredibly nosey btw. Plus it brings back loads of memories and special moments. Who doesn't like a long walk along the beach or even a run?

2 - Sit and have a full on day of the Kardashians/trashy tv/movie marathon
I have just brought the most gorgeous pair of tartan pj bottoms (which I'm tempted to do a whole blog post on, but I think that could be too far...), from Peacocks and I wear them all the time. Therefore I've been lusting after that stereotypical movie/tv/pajama blogging day which I have rarely, due to that thing called homework. Of course lots of unhealthy food is required.

3 - A long winter walk
Wow, another walk Ellie?! I can assure you, I'm not that fit. I just love the whole thing of wrapping up in a million layers, putting on my DM's, getting my camera and just walking. I find walking quite therapeutic, especially with so much homework and schools a bit crazy, I find it clears my head.

4 - Visit London
I go to often probably about 3/4 times a year. Although it's not that far away from where I live, we just don't seem to go that often. I would love to go at this time of the year, mainly because of all the pretty lights and decorations. Of course the shopping and little quirky backstreets full of vintage stalls/shops are all fab as well.

5 - Decorate my bedroom
I love to change the layout of my bedroom all the time and adding little decorations/cushions etc. Yet I haven't painted it in a while or 'decluttered' it in a year or so (uhoh, that's pretty bad). I am thinking about painting it and getting some new duvet covers, pillows etc. So I hope to do that pretty soon! Expect a post on room decor soon I guess!

Well I hope you haven't been blown away today by the crazy winds. There was no point me even making an effort with my hair today, it was all a matted mess when I got home. Hope you've had a good day, and aren't overloaded with homework/work. Speak soon!

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