Monday, 13 January 2014


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January sales have been incredible this year. Usually I go and get shoved and pushed around a sale rack to not find anything, but this year it all went rather well.

Firstly I'll start off with this gorgeous striped 'polo' neck long sleeve top, from H&M. You can't really see the beauty of this top as it is very badly folded up, but it looks incredible on. If you're ever in H&M go and try one of these tops on, you will love them. They're so flattering and are so easy to style, plus a bargain at only £7.99! Also in H&M I saw this cropped hoddy in the sale and knew it was coming home with me, it was only £5 and I live in it. It is so comfy yet if I ever needed to go out in a rush I would look half decent.

Next I will talk about the gorgeous items I received from Ever Buying. I received this gorgeous blue/tartan sweatshirt*. Once again the picture doesn't do it justice. The sleeves, pockets and back are this tartan style print, and its just a basic sweatshirt material. It is super comfy and fits perfectly! Also I received this lovely statement necklace* which looks amazing on. I love wearing it with collared shirts, it looks perfect. I also received a ring which was like a crown (link)*, but me being me I forgot to photograph it! It's adorable and you can easily stack them with other rings.

From Primark I picked up this plain blouse with this incredible leather collar, for £5! I am a big fan of leather (yet still don't own a leather jacket), and I thought that this blouse would be a great way to incorporate leather into my outfit, without it being a bit in your face. I also picked up a workout top for only £6, as I'm trying to get back into working out and being active more. Therefore I thought maybe some proper workout clothes may motivate me! I also brought some black knee high socks for £2.50, because they're a staple in my wardrobe! Polo/turtle necks are my new obsession, so when scanning the sale in Primark I spotted this cropped polo neck jumper, I died. It is perfect. It was £5 and looks so 'chic' on.

I also was involved with Praire Charms blogger mystery box! I got these three gorgeous items, which I will soon be doing a whole post about! So look out for that!

Finally I picked up a few beauty bits! I have once again joined the bandwagon all about the Maybelline colour tattoo's, I picked mine up in Pink Gold (I think!?). It is gorgeous, and it stays on my eyelid ALL day. It's the perfect base/cream shadow. I also popped into Mac and finally brought the eyeshadow Cranberry! This has been on my wishlist forever, unfortunately they didn't have it in pan so I brought it in pot and am planning on depotting it asap (wish me luck!). Cranberry is a gorgeous burgundy/plum shade and is looks beautiful in your crease.

I swear I'm like the only blogger who can't write a short haul! I just start to ramble on and then before I know it I've wrote far too much. Oh well...

It's starting to get a lot colder which I love. Well, I love it when I'm not in school and I can wear 1283749 layers, but when I am in school I just stand outside shivering and being bored to death. I cannot wait till it snows because a) snowdays and b) snow is just magical. But once again when you're at school and the boys think its hilarious to throw snowballs at you with stones in, it's not so fun.  Anyway, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and I hope you all have a fabulous week!

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  1. You got some lovely pieces! I love the gold and black necklace :)
    xxElise -

  2. love that statement necklace girlie!its so nice!i try to stay away from the jewellery sections in Topshop etc cos i know i will just want to buy everything!hehe!i did that when i was younger and have ended up with boxes of jewellery that have gone a bit minky so i had to throw it all out!xx