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GUEST POST: Hair tips I wish I knew when I was younger!

Hello you gorgeous people! I'm Harriet from Project Flawless ( and today I have done a guest post for the lovely Ellie. Today I wanted to talk about hair, we've all been through it all, good hair days and bad hair days it's all normal! I'm sure we all think the same: The older we get the wiser we become right? Well time has certainly taught me a lot of things, I used to straighten my hair every day and dye my hair pretty much every week, I remember going from having jet black hair to bright white hair in a matter of hours... Don't get my wrong, I loved my black hair but fancied a change, I didn't even think twice about all the damage I was doing stripping such a harsh colour from my hair and bleaching it a perfect white... My white hair was possibly my favourite of all colours I've had but I'm sure you don't need me to tell you... I RUINED my hair! (Have a look below, I still miss it sometimes)

So now I've reached 22 I've chilled out a bit when it comes to the amount I do to my hair, mainly because of the damage you put your hair through doing all these wierd and wonderful things to it... I never had anyone to tell me just how bad I was treating my hair and I think by the time I hit 18 it was definitely at its most damaged... So let me share with you some tips on looking after your hair and keeping it lovely!
Lay off the hot styling tools
Trust me, going crazy with your straighteners of curling tongs does your hair more damage than you'd think! You don't need to run over the same section of hair over and over. Once, twice at the most is fine, but then STOP. Trust me, you don't want to go burning your hair off... Believe me it really does happen. I stumbled across this YouTube video a while ago, this PROVES you really can burn your hair to the point it breaks! Click here to watch... Only if you're brave enough!
Remember: It's only hair
I once cried like a baby when my hairdresser cut off more dead ends than I would have liked. 'Just a trim' turned into 4 inches off and a block fringe being cut in! How that happened? Still to this day I don't know. I think back at it and laugh now, but back then it was such a big deal to me. Just remember ladies, it's only hair, and the great thing about it... Hair grows! Plus if you really think it's too short... There are always extensions!
Don't shampoo your hair every day
Like every other image-concious girl, I seemed to care a hell of a lot more when I was 18. Perhaps that was down to the sheer amount I was going out, it wasn't abnormal for me to be out 5 nights of the week, minimum(!), and of course when anyone goes out they want to look their best! Either way it turns out shampooing your hair every day can actually strip it of its natural oils which gives your hair that gorgeous shine and healthy look in the first place...
The quality of your products DOES matter
I definitely still have a soft spot in my heart for Herbal Essences, it is my go to shampoo and conditioner, but when I have a bit of spare cash I turn to John Frieda. I'm convinced that paying that bit extra is absolutely worth the investment, my hair feels lovely and looks so much better with much less frizz.
Super tight ponytails can cause breakage and hair loss
I want to clear one thing up, I NEVER had a Croydon facelift, however there are times when you want your hair tied back off your face and, especially if you're using new hairbands, your ponytail does end up quite tight. Ponytails, yes they are practical, but unfortunately they can cause friction breakage and eventually even lead to hair loss. My advice? Loosen up that ponytail, low ponytails never seem to be as tight as high ones!
Your natural hair colour is gorgeous too
We all want what we don't have. For me, well I wanted every hair colour under the sun, that's possibly why I dyed it so much. Now seriously in my schools yearbook under 'What will you be remembered for' people wrote 'For her ever changing, chameleon hair!' Yep... I really did change my hair colour just that much! I wish that someone had told me that my natural brown hair is beautiful too, because it is, and whatever your natural hair colour is I'll bet it's gorgeous too!
Embrace your curls (or lack of them)
My hair has always been in between curly and straight... A frizzy mess if you will. I absolutely despised this when I was 18. Now? I honestly don't care, I've embraced my natural hair and have gone from straightening it every day to straightening it perhaps once or twice a month... My hair feels healthier and thanks me for it!
Every hair doesn't have to be in place
Messy is hot, perfection is not! Your hair shouldn't be stressing you out to the max, and if it is, well... It simply isn't worth it. Enough said
Make friends with dry shampoo
Did dry shampoo even exist 5 years ago? Who knows, but if it did I'm gutted I didn't know about it. It's a real lifesaver!
Stop pulling split ends apart
So you're sat there bored and spot a split end. What do you do? Play with your split ends of course! Worst. Idea. Ever. Picking only makes the problem worse, spreading the damage up your hair even further. Resist and get to your hair dressers for a trim instead. You'll thank me later.
Appreciate what you have
Sure, it'd be great if your hair was a bit thicker or if it had less frizz, but think of it this way; there are some girls out there who'd die to have your hair and others who don't have hair at all. Consider yourself lucky and appreciate what you have.

Below is a photo of my hair from a few days ago, pardon the man in the photo (my hubby to be, we just got engaged woo!) Ehem sorry, I wanted to show you how much healthier and thicker my hair is now, and actually the colour isn't too bad either! Girls, just leave your hair! Don't go ruining it with heat, colourants and whatever other weird and wonderful stuff you want to do with it. Leave your hair alone and let it be beautiful!

So what hair tips do you have or have you ever experienced any real hair disasters? What do you think about keeping your hair natural? I've not dyed mine for nearly a year now and only straighten it once in a blue moon, it looks and feels great, yours will too! Just remember, be beautiful, be you.
Love Harriet

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