Tuesday, 21 January 2014


All images from Pinterest
I have been feeling rather inspired recently, I seemed to have all of a sudden become addicted to Pinterest and therefore spent way too many hours scrolling through hundreds of gorgeous photos.
This collage sums up what I'm loving at the moment. Tom Odell album has been on repeat constantly, its my bath time music, homework music, bus music, chilling music etc... his voice is so soothing and his songs are perfect. Alexa Chung has become my new girl crush (not forgetting Kendall and Kylie Jenner), her style is impeccable and she seems like a genuinely lovely person. Once again I'm late on the whole bandwagon about her book, therefore still haven't read it but it will be my next purchase! I have been wearing my Doc Martens a lot recently and have been really enjoying experimenting with different ways to wear them, I am looking for a pair of spotty tights because Doc's and spotty tights are all over Pinterest, therefore I need some in my life. The picture of the clothing rack at the top basically describes my dream wardrobe. Yes, I love dresses and skirts and sometimes love to be a 'girly girl', yet to be honest I prefer being different with what I wear and wearing over sized bomber jackets/ quirky shirts with Doc's.

I am currently sat here, counting down the hours till it's 'socially acceptable' to be in bed. But to be honest, I think once I've written this post I shall be taking myself upstairs and lie in my bed and watch YouTube. I don't know how people stay up past midnight every night, I do it once and I'm like a zombie for the next few days. As always I have homework coming out of my ears (not literally, do not panic), art prep for my exam is slowly killing me, as well as every other subject. But only a few more years and I'll be out of education, I am already looking forward to that day...

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