Wednesday, 8 January 2014


New Look - £27.99
New year for a lot of people means a fresh start, new goals and resolutions and a opportunity to learn from their mistakes, but for me it means new shoes.

Obviously I attempt  make resolutions and goals, but it's becoming a tradition that around Christmas/new year I treat myself to some gorgeous new shoes. Last year it was my beloved Doc's, this year the chunky Chelsea boot. Unfortunately this picture really doesn't show their full beauty, but in person...phwoaar they're gorgeous.

I was aimlessly walking around the shoe section in New Look, through rows of incredible, black, chunky boots (New Look are on point at the moment with their shoes), when all of a sudden these burgundy chunky Chelsea boots caught my eye. It was love at first sight, I may or may not have ran towards them (social suicide I know), I rummaged through the last few pairs to discover only one size 5 left. It was mine. I plumped myself onto those green (very uncomfortable) 'chairs' and slipped off my Coltrane dupes and slid my feet into these bad boys. I then proceeded to do that walk that everyone does when trying on new shoes, gravitating towards the nearest full length mirror, so that I could do the whole 'OMG they're perfect' moment; whilst trying to restrain the excited and cheesy grin that was plastered across my flushed with excitement face. Before I knew it I was at the till and paying, they were a bargain anyway, at only £27.99 yet I had some vouchers so they only cost £12. Yes, twelve whole pounds.
So, that's basically a slightly exaggerated version of the reality. I hope that you can appreciate them, in all their glory. Just imagine them with a black and white playsuit and thick tights, perfect. I can assure you that they will be featuring in a lot of ootd's, so brace yourselves.

I hope you've all had a good few days back at school, I am now counting down the days till halfterm. I cannot wait. I much rather preferred the whole getting up at 10/11am and lounging around, stalking people on twitter, reading blogs, eating, sleeping, then repeating that whole process. But oh well, the only thing that has kept me going these last few days is that at the weekend I'll be able to wear these beauties!

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  1. They're gorgeous and such a pretty colour! Plus an absolute bargain.x

    Lauren Evie