Friday, 21 February 2014


I am a brush-a-holic. I am a massive fan of real technique brushes and use mine to death, but I am always on the hunt for a cheap alternative. That's when I discovered these...

Everbuying are a wholesale company which sell everything under the sun and I am a massive fan of wholesale sites (you just have to have a lot of time and patience to search through pages of clothes and bits and bobs and you'll find some real gems!). So when they contacted me again offering me the chance to review some items again of course I said yes. I was really interested to check out there makeup brush selection and I wasn't disappointed. There was hundreds of sets, ranging in colours, size, specific bristles etc!

I ended up choosing this set of 18. It came in a green brush belt (is that what they're called?!), and the set includes 5 face brushes, 11 eye brushes and a eyebrow groomer and lash/brow comb (once again I don't know whether that's the correct name!).

The face brushes are all pretty good quality and although some are not as dense as others it's not much of an issue as they still apply powder blushes and mineral makeup smoothly. The eye brushes are my favourite. I wear eye shadow every day and am guilty of not washing my brushes as often as I should, therefore by having 11 eye brushes there is always a clean one! They're very dense therefore it's easy to apply eye shadow evenly across the lid. So far I have experienced no shedding from any of the brushes, bonus!

Overall I'd really recommend these brushes, you can't go wrong with paying just over £8 for 18 brushes. The only con is that when they arrived they did have that funny 'I've been travelling from china for two weeks' smell, but that's about the only con I can think of!

I also received this gooooorgeous ring*, which is now permanently on my finger...


Usually I have that 'Friday feeling' of excitement but no not today. I've just realised we have three days left of the holidays, I really could do with another week. I have spent virtually all of this holiday decorating my room, and it is finally done. I am in love with it. I think I may even do a post all about it! When it was just finished I stepped back and just said 'it looks pinterest worthy', and then I realised that I spend far too much of my time on the internet...
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  1. These look amaze! X

  2. What a bargain! I'm always on the search for brushes too, I might have to try these out :)