Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Alexa Chung - It

Alexa Chung is my idol. Her fashion sense is to die for and she seems like a genuinely lovely person, as well as being an incredible writer and occasional gorgeous model. I have been a 'fan' of hers for the longest time, yet being late on all the bandwagons I only just got her book.

The book is odd, to say the least. Alexa actually wrote the book in a series of emails to herself at various points of her life. Therefore it chops and changes to different periods/phases in her life, and just her general inspirations. If you like a book full of fashion inspiration and pretty pictures, this is the one for you. It's not your stereotypical book/auto-biography, full of there life stories and soppy memories. It's more of an insight into the way she thinks, and how her mind 'works'. It's full of short little bursts of topics, if that makes any sense. You'll have a paragraph on horses, and the next paragraph she's talking about her inspiration. It is so cleverly written you never get confused.

I read this book in three days, which for me is pretty quick. I'm not much of a reader, although if I find a good book, I will read it in a few days. I couldn't put it down, and even after finishing it I still flicked through multiple times just admiring the gorgeous pictures and occasional doodles.

If you're wondering whether to get it, just do it. If you love Alexa Chung, buy it. If you love a book full of fashion and a honest insight into someone's mind/life, buy it. If you're just looking for a new book with something different, buy it. It's original price is £16.99, but I found it on amazon for around £10.

These next couple of weeks are dedicated to clearing out my bedroom and revision. I am redecorating my bedroom, finally! I have brought the prettiest wallpaper (link) to go on my back wall and a gorgeous cream colour to match, on all of my other walls. When it's all done, I may do a room tour!

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