Thursday, 27 February 2014



After reading my lovely friend Elise's blog post all about what makes her happy, I wanted to share with you the things that make me happy...
Getting lovely comments
Gaining a new follower
Eating McDonalds chips 
The feeling of having no homework
Writing a post when you're really passionate about the 'topic'
Going out with friends
Friday nights 'unhealthy' meal
A fluffy onesie paired with fuzzy socks
The smell of fresh linen and the Yankee candle in salted caramel

I feel like sometimes we forget about what actually makes us happy and we end up focusing on all the negatives.

I kind of want to start doing more lifestyle type posts maybe 1-2 a month. Would you like to see that? I have a haul coming up soon featuring lots of goooorgeous clothing and I think I may even take some outfit pictures this weekend. Ohhh get me being all organised... 
I have mocks coming up next week therefore all my time has (sadly) been spent on revision. I'm currently sat watching Cake Boss trying to schedule some blog posts and revision, but getting distracted by tons of chocolate and red velvet cake...

Comment, follow and all that jazz!



  1. I love lifestyle posts, I find them really interesting and helpful! I agree, we always focus on the negatives and forget about all the positive things that happen in our life, and how grateful we can be for what we have. Lovely post! :) x

  2. yesss! I love lifestyle-y posts, completely agree with all your happinness points,salted caramel is by far my favourite scent!