Monday, 21 April 2014


  I am finally back. This holiday has been craaaazy, therefore blogging has taken a 'back seat' unfortunately. But, I am back and have so many ideas. I have also been organised and have done some bulk photographing (check me out being the organised blogger!), so expect a lot more posts!

Anyway, ever since I got back from London (Saturday night) I have wanted to blog about my trip to London because they are some of my favourite posts to read, and therefore I have always wanted to write one. So here I am. How cheesy was that?! I apologize.

Me and my famala got up early Friday morning and headed down to London for a couple of days. The only thing we had planned to do was the tower of London that day, so when we arrived at our hotel (which was 5* and possibly one of the 'poshest' places I have ever been to, I felt quite out of place at the start!), we chilled for  bit and then headed to the Tower of London.

The Tower of London was quite impressive and packed with history, but unfortuntaley it was sooo busy and around 20,000 people were there. Therefore it was hard to see everything and the queue to see the Crown Jewels was about an hour long. But my mum being my mum, spoke to one of the people that worked there and mentioned what a bad experience we had had in one of the towers and we ended up sneaking in the side entrance to the crown jewels and missing the whole queue. That was a big result, as I am incredibly impatient. After having a tour around the grounds and seeing a few different exhibitions including the Crown Jewels (they were beautiful), we decided to do a boat tour.

I am a massive lover of boats and tours, so it was a winner from the start really. I loved seeing the iconic sights and being a typical tourist. I also took about a billion (slight exaggeration) pictures. After the boat tour we decided to go to Leicester Square, to see whether we could pick up some last minute show tickets. After almost giving up after about half an hour, we stumbled across another theatre and thought we'd just ask in the actual theatre. We ended up getting top tickets for half price to see Jeeves and Wooster. Once we got the tickets we realized we had about 2 hours to kill, so went and ate at Garfunkle's. I had a burger and chips, which was delicious. Followed by a chocolate cake thing, which was also delicious.

We then headed back over to the theatre and enjoyed a night at the theatre. The show itself was hilarious and very clever, and it also made it better that every one around us probably paid more for their tickets. But overall I would definitely recommend it, it was clever and was full of just British humour. After the show we got a cab back to our hotel, which I loved as once again we saw all the sights but this time they were all lit up and it was magical.

On Saturday, we got up and went straight down to Liverpool Street where we met up with my Auntie and Uncle. We got some breakfast first in the station and then separated. My mum and sister went to see a show, my dad and uncle went to some pubs, and me and my auntie hit the markets and vintage shops. Me and my auntie first went to Spitafield market, which was full of clothes and accessories. I didn't buy anything although was veeeeery tempted to. Especially with all the vintage clothing stalls. After a long time mooching about the market, we headed out only to see a mac shop in front of us. I love a bit of mac and could not resist. I couldn't decide whether to get an eye shadow or a new powder or a foundation or a brush or a lipstick etc aha, but in the end I was drawn in by the lipsticks. I ended up getting the lipstick 'Sweetie', which is a pinky colour with a slight hint of a dark purple. That made no sense, but I'll be sure to include it in an upcoming post.

After the market we headed to the famous Brick Lane. Before we talk about all the fashion bits etc etc, can we talk about how amazing it smells!?!?! It's like food heaven down there. Anyway, fashion... I spotted a little sign which pointed to a vintage market underneath a building (it was basically in a massive basement), so we went to have a look. It was incredible. The music was pumping and every space was covered in vintage clothes and jewellery. I have never seen so many well-dressed people in all my life. I tried on a little vintage two piece, and it was gorgeous but the skirt was just that little bit too short *cries*. After a long time browsing we went to get some food, and we ended up back in Spitafield market in a American Diner place. I ended up getting a burger (of course) and to follow a brownie (just call me queen of healthy eating). It was worth every calorie, it was amazing. Oh, how I wish I could have that every day...

After we had finished our delicious meal and were so stuffed we could barely walk, we went back to Liverpool Street and met up with my Dad and Uncle. My aunt and uncle then left, and me and my dad went to Canary Wharf for a look around. After about an hour we met up with my mum and sister, and then went back to the hotel picked up our bags and left.

It was an amazing couple of days, and I'm so grateful for it. We don't often get the chance to go to London all together as a family, so it was lovely.

Wow, you can tell that I haven't blogged in a long time. That was a ramble and a half. If you read all of it, I congratulate you & thank you! Tomorrow is my first day back at school, I wish I could say how excited I am and how I've missed the routine but I really haven't. I've had such a tiring and busy holiday (which has been great), but I feel as though I need another week really ahah! Oh well only four more weeks and then another break... if you go back to school tomorrow I'll  be thinking of you! If not, I am so jealous.

(sorry for rambling again)

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