Thursday, 10 April 2014


I love painted nails. It's a fact. But I can never be bothered to sit and wait for ages for them to dry, only to get up and smudge them. Although as it's the holidays I thought I would just paint them in a simple nude for spring.
I saw this nail polish on one of my friends and immediately fell in love with it, I asked her what brand it was and was in shock when she said it was Sinful Colours.
I went to Boots the next week and brought it for only £1.99. It needs two coats, but for the price you can't complain. It lasted four days before it chipped, which for the price I thought was great.

I am rarely ill, but of course it's my luck that when i am occasionally ill it's in the holidays. As I'm writing this I'm surrounded in empty tissue packets and bottles of water. I have an awful cold and a sore throat, fun fun fun. On the plus side I am going to London next weekend which I am sooo excited for, and I am planning on taking tons of pictures and blogging about my weekend there!

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  1. This is such a gorgeous shade, so simple but elegant and such a reasonable price, kind of like a pocket money buy! Whayyyyy London! Can't wait to see your pickiest, I'm going again soon but went yesterday, there's a great fashion photography exhibition n that I want to pop into and I haven't been properly shopping in London for ages, Oxford street makes me wan to scream at everyone it's way too busy!

  2. beautiful shade, my local drugstores don't sell sinful colours which is annoying as there colours are so pretty and great value for money!


  3. I wish these were stocked near me! Such a lovely spring shade :) x

  4. Lovely colour! Have a good time in London!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx