Sunday, 27 April 2014


Sandals - link// Blue and cream vest - link// White crochet cut out top - link// black bralet - link// high waisted bikini - link// cut out boots - link// purple patterned shirt - link// 'mom' shorts - link// sunglasses - link

Spring is here (and has been for quite awhile), therefore I thought i'd do a wishlist of things I need would love to add to my wardrobe. This spring I have been loving cut out tops and bralets, I recently got a gorgeous cut out lace top (£4 - Primark) and the most gorgeous bralet also from Primark (£5). I think it's a lovely way to show off some flesh without being like 'hey look at me being all ''in ya face'' with my whole belly out'. I have also been lusting after some casual sandals, these black ones caught my eye and I have fallen in loooove with them. They're so effortless but they could be worn in so many ways. The other pair of shoes I have on my wishlist are these gorgeous strappy boots. If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll know I have a mahooosive slight shoe obsession. When I saw these my brain went into overload outfit planning. Imagine these with the mom shorts, lace cut out top and sunglasses. wowowowowow. I need these in my life. High waisted bikinis are the love of my life. I own two and am obsessed with the way they look. They're incredibly flattering and I believe everyone should own one. This purple patterned top intrigued me, I love the Aztec pattern, and the more I looked the more I loved it. Finally, sunglasses. These sunglasses can make any outfit look fashionable, I often see people walking around in them and I just stand in awe at how gorgeous they look.
Ahhh Sunday, my day has been filled with revision. I have exams coming up and I am slightly panicking at how close they are and how little I've done. I am one of those people who procrastinates so much, but gets stressed and panicked when I realise how little revision I've done, then I get annoyed and it all goes downhill. Please tell me I'm not the only one aha!? But, i'm done for revision today so i'm currently sat writing this blog post whilst trying on different lip liners. Because well, when i'm bored I blog and play with makeup.
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  1. Love everything you've picked, you have such a lovely stylish yet slightly indie aesthetic. Adore the bralets, they are adorable.