Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Summer is coming. Which is exciting in one aspect, because of the holidays and heat but also I wish it was a little bit further away so I could really tone up! But today I thought I would share with you my fitness motivation and just tell you about what i'm doing etc.

Throughout this post I will be talking about my experiences and what I am doing etc, but I am no health expert so this won't be 100% accurate and full of statistics, only my experiences!

My goal for this summer is to tone up in general, and feel comfortable when in bikinis or shorts etc. One thing I have been doing and have seen both physical and mental changes with is a running programme called 'couch to 5k'. It's a running app, and it is the best running app I have ever used. It basically builds up your stamina and distance that you can run. You go from doing one minute of running with a 90 second period of walking, and repeating that several times, to eventually doing 30 minutes of running. This 'training programme' lasts for 9 weeks and evolves three runs each week, but encourages you to keep up running after the programme ends. At first I could never of imagined me running 30 minutes straight, but as the weeks went on it challenged me but I never gave up and this week I ran 25 minutes. I can't remember what week I'm on exactly, but I'm pretty close to the end. I used to hate running, and could never see how people enjoyed it but now I actually enjoy running and the fresh air. It clears your head and makes you feel so much better about yourself. I recommend this app if you're looking for a way to excersize which has a structure and you would like to see both physical and mental changes. It is a challenge though, but it's not impossible! One of my favourite quotes is 'Without a challenge, there is no achievement'.

Everybody knows that water is amazing for you and we should all drink tons of it a day blah blah blah, although sometimes it can be boring or not taste as nice as Fanta (yummm) or Coke. Especially when at the end of the school day your water is warm, which is lush (not). So I have turned to detox waters. It's basically water with fruit in. Simple. You just chop up some fruit of your choice and add it to your water (it tastes a lot better when the water is cold). There are some many yummy combinations but my personal favourite is Lemon and Lime, but if i'm feeling snazzy I'll add some orange aha. If you're looking for tons of different fruit combinations, pinterest is full of them!

I have been trying to find a lot of healthy alternatives to my favourite foods recently (would you be interested in a healthy food recipies post?!), and have found quite a few yummy ones. I love pancakes but they're not very good for you, especially when you add all the sugar etc. So I found a recipie for banana pancakes, and they are the amaaaaazing. I have also switched some things in my lunch, for example replaced cake with a banana etc. It's small differences which have a big impact!

I have also come to realise that most of the time I'm not actually hungry, I'm just bored. So instead of eating between meals, I'm trying to either just wait or have fruit instead or a yoghurt.

I hope this post has maybe motivated you! You can do it, just don't give up. One quote often runs through my head when working out (or even revision) is 'Short term pain, long term gain'. If you want something so badly, you will and can achieve it. Be continuous and even when you've had an awful day, chocolate will make it better for one minute, but later you will regret it!

I have been rather busy recently with exams and all those wonderful things to do with school. But I have been really trying had with trying to get fit and healthy so I thought this post would be good to motivate maybe some of you guys as well as myself! Thank goodness half-term is next week, but I already have tons of art coursework to do and finish, so that will be what my holiday will consist of. Oh, and science revision! Although hopefully with it being half-term I'll be able to write and schedule more posts...I hope...
'Sore today, stronger tomorrow'
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