Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Helloooo, yes I still exist, I once again apologise for my absence. I'm sure if you follow a teen blogger on twitter or their blog, you will know exams are taking over teenagers lives, including mine. But, I won't bore you with millions of petty excuses why I haven't blogged in well over a week (which in theory isn't a lot, but I feel annoyed if I haven't blogged in over a week...).

I love spring. It's not too hot, not too cold. It's perfect. It occurred to me that every spring, I seem to 'use' similar things. So I thought I'd do a little post all about what my spring essentials are. 

My first must have has to be this cup. I'm sure it has a proper name but I can't think of it! I brought it for £2.50 from Sainsburies, and it has become my new favourite 'thing'. It's made me drink so much more water, which is a bonus because well water is fabulous for you. 

My Topshop satchel has been a firm favourite throughout spring so far, it goes with everything and just makes a lazy outfit look that little bit more put together. It also fits a reasonable amount of stuff in!

Me and nail polishes have a 'love hate' relationship. I love the look of painted nails, but I always smudge them and am too impatient to wait for them to completely dry. But when I have painted my nails I've gone for either this sinful colours polish or my topshop mint green one! They're both reasonably priced and don't easily chip, which is fab. 

I. Love. Lipsticks. It official. Lipsticks are my favourite type of makeup products! This spring I have been obsessed with having pink lips, and at the weekends I love a hot pink lip! My favourite brands for their pink lippys are Mac, Estée Lauder and MUA. But I'm not gonna say too much as I am planning on writing a post all about them. 

Scrunchies have been everywhere at the moment! I feel as though everyone and their mum owns one. I rarely have my hair up, but when I do a scrunchie is required! Personally, I think adding a scrunchie is a great way to make your hair look a bit different or just make it look a bit 'cuter'! My personal favourites are the two dotty ones featured in this photo from New Look, and the other one featured is from Toshop.

I hope you've enojoyed this post! I will be back very soon with a outfit post, which I am very excited about! I now have to do some science revision, because by writing this post I seemed to have procrastinated a fair bit aha! Oh well! 

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