Saturday, 19 July 2014


Summer is my favourite season for many reasons: the sun; going to the beach; lounging around a pool; going abroad; spending time with friends, I could go on forever. But I also loooooove shopping in summer. So of course, I have done a lot of shopping, in fact this haul isn't even half of it (so expect another one)!

If you've read my blog before, you will know that i'm a shoe-a-holic. So when I saw these in Primark, I fell in love and I was at the checkout ridiculously fast. They're just tan coloured sandals, although they remind me a bit of t-bar shoes. They are so comfy, and you can wear them with anything. Plus they were really cheap at only £10!

I wear black a lot, so I was immediately drawn to this cropped lace top. It is pretty short, and the lace detailing does show off your skin a little, but the perfect amount. It's super flattering and makes your stomach look toned (if that makes any sense?!), and looks great with mom shorts and some sandals. I picked it up in H&M for only £12.99.

H&M at the moment are on point. The picture really doesn't do this top justice, but it's a really flowy cotton top, and it's also cropped. I tend to role up the elasticated band, which looks a lot better in my opinion. I will be featuring this in a ootd at some point, as it is perfect for hot summer days and looks great as a bikini cover up for your 'top half' with white bottoms. This was only £12.99.

Once again, I brought these trousers in H&M. I brought these for work experience, as they're a cigarette style and also ankle grazer so they can be dressed up or down. I am obsessed with these, they look really good with a  white crop top and brown sandals, or a blouse and pumps for work. I believe these were £14.99.

I love bikini shopping. It's my favourite 'type' of shopping in the summer. There are so many styles and patterns, there's almost too much choice! I brought a few, but i'm going to feature one in each haul). This one is a gorgeous mint green, and has frills on the top which gradually get longer at the back (high low effect). The bottom are just you're regular string bottoms. It also has detachable straps, which are very useful when you are going to be swimming and don't want to be pulling your top up all the time! I am in love with this, and I think this will be my go to bikni. I brought this off Misguided, for £17.99, and I must say the delivery was amazingly quick (I ordered using the standard delivery which was meant to take 5 days+, but it came in 2 days!!).

I hope you've enjoyed my first summer clothes haul, and let me know whether you would be interested in seeing my other items. Summer is almost here, which means i'll be able to post  A LOT more, which i'm super happy about. I feel as though I've neglected my blog a little, which is something I definitely don't want to happen on a regular basis. Yesterday evening, I went to the races for a mates 21st birthday party, which was so good but i'm also ridiculously tired. Therefore today has just been full of more puppy preparations (we get her on Wednesday, eekk!!). I apologise in advance people who follow me on twitter, I will be bombarding your feeds with adorable pictures!