Monday, 11 August 2014


Long time, no speak. I won't bore you with excuses and why I  haven't been blogging a lot but I'm here today with my August favourites.

Nail polish makes such a difference. It makes your nails look 100x better, and very seasonal depending on the colour. It also adds to your outfit. My favourites at the moment are 'Profound' (the purple/pinky one), 'Buff' (the light blue), and 'orange your life - 200' (from Rimmel). Both Profound and Buff are from Topshop.

Ahhh Body Shop, my guilty pleasure. I could be in that shop forever, smelling everything in sight. It just smells sooo good. I am obsessed at the moment with their body washes, particularly 'Satsuma', 'Strawberry' and ' Early-harvest raspberry'. They all smell like heaven in a bottle, they are definitely coming with me on holiday!

Next I have a few random beauty/accessory bits. As it is summer (although the weather today suggests otherwise), I've been wearing more bright pink lips and the shade 'pink nouveau' from Mac is the perfect pink. Its long-lasting and doesn't dry my lips, puuuurrfect. I also have been wearing blush a lot more, and this Collection blush is by far the best blush I own surprisingly. It's pigmented, looks natural and is long-lasting. Mines in the shade 'Bashful - 02' and I seriously recommend you go out and try it.

I have been reading a lot more than I usually do, and have been really enjoying getting sucked into another world and forgetting about everything. Reading is so relaxing, and a great distraction from everything.

Summer clothes. A bit vague I know, but all the patterns and colours are my favourite. I love being able to just chuck on a playsuit and I'm done. I have been loving this gorgeous coordinate from FDAVENUE*. It's soo colourful, and all the colours just scream summer. It's perfect for when you want to look like you've put in effort, but you've literally woken up 10 minutes ago. Check out FDAVENUE for more easy, affordable summer pieces -
I have also had a big obsession with biknis this summer, there are just so many pretty patterns and styles. I show one of my favourites in a haul recently, but I've been loving this coral 'top' which I surprisingly found in the Sainsburys sale for only £3! and although the blue bottoms don't match I got these blue and white bottoms for a £1 from Primark. Absolute bargain.

I hope you have enjoyed this favourites post! I am planning on blogging a lot more regularly, as I have definitely missed it. Although I go on holiday this Friday for 2 weeks and a few days to the very bottom of France, so I won't be posting then. Soowwwy.
Anyway, this summer holiday has been so good so far. As well as the new addition to the family with the puppy, I have seen all of my friends (which is rare, because i'm so anti-social aha) and had some fabulous days out with them. I've had my birthday partaay which went really well, and my birthday is this Wednesday and then we go away on the Friday so it's all go go go! I hope you've been having a great break from work or school!

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