Wednesday, 29 October 2014

hellllooooooo, i'm baaack

wellll.... hello there. Long time, no speak. Where do I begin? As you can tell, my blog has been rather quiet recently (stating the obvious ahah). This is for many reasons, which im not going to go into, but I've recently been thinking about how much effort I put into this blog and how much I genuinely love to write, and don't want to neglect/loose my blog.
Therefore, I am back. I'm not going to promise to post twice every week or tell you a schedule which I shall never keep. All i'm going to promise is that I am back and ready to fill my blog with juicy content, some months I may post 5/6 times; others I may post only twice, but I will never give up with this blog.

Ahh, that's all the boring stuff out of the way now onto a bit of a ramble I guess. I'm currently sat in a sea of warm fuzzy blankets, on a reclining sofa listening to the sea and with the smell of fish and chips wafting around, I am in heaven. This halfterm, me and my family have ventured on holiday to the seaside and are staying in the cutest cottage right on the beach. All this week has consisted of is: crabbing, long walks, relaxing, eating way too much, playing with the puppy, chocolate and reflecting on everything. It's been rather perfect. It's moments like these, where you realise that your happiness is so important, and that everyone needs time to themselves.

Halloween is 2 days away, 2 whole days, 48 hours away. I am so excited. I adore Halloween. Everything about it: the pumpkins, which never turn out how you expect it; the decorations, which cost a fortune every year; the costume, which takes me forever to decide and every year I end up being some sort of vampire or gothic character; the makeup tutorials, which make deciding your costume harder and you end up trying out all of them to decide on the first one; and finally, the food. of course. can we talk about the Halloween 'Fiendish fancies'? they are the heaven in cake formation.
This year I'm actually being sociable and not scoffing all the sweets meant for the trick or treaters, and instead going to a party.  I'm going as a vampire, and of course being a beauty addict have tried out the makeup at least 3 times, I have even gone and brought liquid latex for wounds. Fannncccy.

After writing all of that, in between watching numerous youtube videos and eating (of course), I am now ridiculously hot and stripping the 6 thick blankets one by one off me. I hope you liked the pictures, which are from this week, I couldn't resist not including some of the puppy. She is adorable, and is loving the sand and sea, and especially trying to eat other peoples crabs and bait when we go crabbing.

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